Maryland real estate attorneys and lawyers

Maryland Real Estate Attorneys

Cowie & Mott, P.A. represents businesses, individuals and land developers in a wide variety of real estate related transactions and dispute resolution. The Maryland real estate lawyers at Cowie & Mott practice real estate law in Maryland and have represented clients in land acquisition and financing for multi million dollar land and building acquisitions, including apartment high-rises in Bethesda, condominium conversion projects in Owings Mills, Annapolis and Rockville, and manufactured home communities in Maryland and Florida. Our Maryland real estate attorneys can assist with environmental law issues and regulations as well as zoning and land use issues. Our Baltimore real estate law practice includes assisting clients in the preparation and negotiation of commercial and industrial leases.

Maryland Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Our Maryland real estate litigation attorneys provide legal representation to clients in tenant law suits, premises liability personal injury cases, boundary disputes, foreclosures, lateral support issues, and easements disputes. We represent clients when land transactions and real estate business deals fall apart. The Maryland real property Lawyers lawyers and litigation attorneys at Cowie & Mott  can enforce real estate contracts and pursue specific performance remedies to force the sale of real estate, buildings and other improvements.

Baltimore Real Estate Law Firm

The following are some example of real estate law services our Baltimore real estate lawyers and litigation attorney provide:

  • Zoning and land use issues
  • Residential and commercial property acquisition
  • real estate transactionsPreparation and negtiation of commercial Leases
  • Environmental Issues
  • Land development
  • Condominium conversion projects
  • Manufactured home community (mobile home park) sales agreements
  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Land acquisition contracts of sale
  • Land transaction and acquisition law suits
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