Maryland Product Defects and Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Personal Injury or Death Caused by Negligence, Product Defects or Malpractice

Cowie & Mott, P.A. is a Maryland Law firm that handles serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation.

Maryland Serious Personal injury Lawyers and

Maryland Wrongful Death Attorneys

The Maryland personal injury attorneys and wrongful death lawyers at Cowie & Mott, P.A. have experience litigating and settling claims on behalf of individuals and families in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases caused by:

  • product defects
  • reckless driving, vehicle collisions or other negligent conduct
  • dangerous conditions in buildings and areas open to the public
  • workplace accidents
  • medical malpractice

Contact us for a free and confidential legal consultation regarding your serious personal inure or wrongful death case. There is no obligation to hire, and we charge no fees unless we collect a recovery or settlement on your behalf.

Maryland Wrongful Death Attorneys

Maryland Product Liability Lawyers

Maryland product liability law provides legal remedies for consumers and their families when products they purchase or come in contact with cause injury or death. In such cases, the law allows for the recovery of monetary damages when injury or death is caused by a manufacturing defect, a design defect or a defect in marketing, such as a failure to warn of known dangers associated with the product’s use. The Maryland products defect liability attorneys at Cowie & Mott will discuss your case without fee or obligation.

Examples of products that cause injury include vehicles, such as forklifts, lawn tractors, construction equipment, motorcycles, boats, automobiles and trucks that have faulty or poorly designed components or absence of components. Other examples of products that can be defective are medicines, pharmaceutical products, consumer household products, and hazardous materials, such as toxic chemicals and poisonous substances or materials, such asbestos. Contact Cowie & Mott to speak with a Maryland products liability attorney.

Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Maryland Medical Malpractice law provides legal remedies for patients and their families when injury or death is caused by the negligence (failure to meet the accepted standard of care) of a healthcare provider, such as a physician, physiatrist, pharmacist, doctor, nurse, surgeon, physician assistant, chiropractors, podiatrists. This includes outpatient, emergency room and hospital treatment as well as treatment by health care providers in nursing homes and other medical and residential care facilities. The Maryland medical malpractice litigation attorneys at Cowie & Mott offer confidential consultations regarding your medical malpractice case. All medical malpractice legal consolations are complimentary, without without fee or obligation.

Example of Medical malpractice include, surgical mistakes, prescribing the wrong medication, overdosing, failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, delay in medical diagnosis, failure to inform of the risks of medical care, and other medical errors. Contact Cowie & Mott to speak with a Maryland medical malpractice attorney.

Maryland Negligence Lawyer

Maryland Negligence law provides legal remedies for individuals and their families when injury or death is caused by the negligence of another person or their employer Examples of negligence include, failure to warn or correct dangerous conditions (such as a hole, slippery floor, lead paint, asbestos, etc.) Contact us to speak with a Maryland premises liability attorney about your case. Other examples of negligence include carless driving that causes and injury such as by failing to stop at a red light, texting while driving, or other failure to pay attention and follow the rule of the road that result in automobile or other vehicular accidents. Contact Cowie & Mott to speak with a Maryland automobile and vehicular accident attorney.


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